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Information Regarding Any/All Contests

At any time a contest may be conducted here within this group, any/all questions/concerns/rules and general comments related to it should/will be taken up with either :iconevilness321: or :iconpinknekophile: , as they are the three primary driving forces behind anything related to contests.


:bulletred: How to Contact Them: Either send a note directly to the group, and appropriately title it (i.e. "About the July 2011 Contest"), or send a personal note directly to either of them (although it might be easier to just send a note to the group, mainly so that their individual Inbox does not become cluttered ^_^ ).

* Note: In the event the one or both of them are unavailable for whatever reason, then please feel free to send a note to the Founder, :iconsokai-sama: , as well. Unless all three admins would become unreachable at the same time, any/all of your concerns/questions will most usually be addressed (both for/about contests, as well as in general pertaining to this group).

Thank you for your continued cooperation, and good luck! :heart:

~ WinxDream Admins
Hello, everyone,

Firstly, thank you all, as always, for your continued patience, dedication, and wonderful submissions to the group! We always appreciate it! :nod: (ESPECIALLY those of you who continue to bother reading each gallery folder BEFORE submitting things, or even bothering to ask us if unsure! :love: :glomp: )

And secondly, apologies if some or your more recent submissions expired. I, personally, haven't been around for nearly a month or so, primarily due to newfound Mommy duties - My 3-month-old daughter can be quite demanding at times! :p

And as for our lovely Co-Founder, :iconevilness321: , she's also been a bit swamped with real life matters. =/

But, for now/tonight, at least, I'm going to actively sort things out as quickly as I can before turning in for an extremely long day, tomorrow. ^_^'

Again, apologies, but, as always, thank you for understanding! :heart:

~ Your Winxdream Admins
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Welcome, all, to Winx Dream, a club dedicated to providing everything/anything there is related to the Winx Club series!

As of February 2012, we, the admins, now ask that our members abide by our new SEVEN SUBMISSIONS PER DAY limit (until the abuse hopefully dies down, and we can reset it to unlimited)!

Still, fire away, submit to the correct gallery folders, respect one another, and enjoy yourselves! :heart:

Also, please be mindful of the group's rules/guidelines, listed below:



:bulletred: HOW TO JOIN

If interested in joining our group, simply click on the "Join Our Group" button, feature above within the large, dark blue colored menu bar. After which, please feel free, if you choose, to give a mini-sized reason behind your wishing to join us (besides the obvious :p ), but nothing of the sarcastic variety because it's unnecessary, and click "submit."

More often than not, your join request will be accepted by us, so no worries after this point. ^_^

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:


If, after joining our group, you are interested in submitting some of your own Winx Club-related art to our gallery, then simply click on the "Gallery" button, found on top of the group's page.

After which, please then click on "Submit to This Gallery," then "Contribute an Existing Deviation." Where it says "Choose A Deviation - submitting to:" in the new box which appears, please choose the correct gallery folder your piece belongs to.

If you would also like to suggest a fave related to the series/this group's intention, then simply follow the same procedure as though wishing to submit your own art work, by instead clicking the "Suggest a Fave" button found within the same area, and the aforementioned instructions listed.

:bulletblue: :bulletgreen: :bulletblue:


:pointr: READ before submitting ANYTHING. PERIOD. (For the love of GOD, please do that for us :facepalm: LoL)

:pointr: NO theft of any kind.

:pointr: NO disrespect of any kind. Such action will result in banning.

:pointr: If, for whatever reason, the art or story you wish to submit or suggest isn't of your own personal work, please indicate this somewhere to us, so that proper credit can be given where due.

:pointr: CORRECTLY LABEL YOUR SUBMISSIONS!! (As in, if they are requests/commissions/prizes/gifts, etc, something 'special' in that nature, then indicate this somewhere within the title, to make it easier on us as admins when accepting/declining)

:pointr: There is now currently a new SEVEN SUBMISSIONS PER DAY LIMIT guideline being implemented within the group; still, feel free to submit away. :heart:

:pointr: ALWAYS PLACE THEM WITHIN THE CORRECT FOLDER, as a favor to us, please. (And if, for whatever reason, a folder/category your particular piece may belong to isn't there, please let us know, and we will promptly add it for you.)


:star: :bulletred: SPECIAL NOTE!!!! :bulletred: :star:


We obviously do, and have always realized there are many people on this site, let alone this group, who speak other languages ​​and are not as familiar with English. So, in an attempt to help minimize communication problems and help anyone who may be struggling, we will do our best to translate the next paragraph to the most common languages we've come across here to help with language barriers which may exist:

Our/my first language is English, but we/I do not mind having to use a translation program. We/I would also appreciate you taking a few minutes to translate the group's rules. If you have questions and it's easier for you to write in your native language, please do so! We/I will do our/my best to make sure that we can both understand. Thank you! :)



Me doy cuenta de que hay mucha gente en este sitio que hablan otros idiomas y no están tan familiarizados con Inglés. Así, en un intento de ayudar a minimizar los problemas de comunicación y ayudar a cualquier persona que pueda estar luchando, estoy traduciendo este párrafo a los idiomas más comunes que he visto en este sitio para ayudar con las barreras lingüísticas que puedan existir:

Mi lengua materna es el Inglés, pero no me importa tener que utilizar un programa de traducción. Yo también agradecería que se tomara unos minutos para traducir las reglas del grupo. Si tiene alguna pregunta y es más fácil para que usted escriba en su lengua materna, por favor, hágalo! Yo haré todo lo posible para asegurarse de que los dos podemos entender. ¡Gracias! :)



Je sais qu'il ya beaucoup de gens sur ce site qui parlent d'autres langues et ne sont pas aussi familiers avec l'anglais. Ainsi, dans une tentative pour aider à minimiser les problèmes de communication et d'aider toute personne qui pourrait être en difficulté, je traduis ce paragraphe pour les langues les plus courantes que j'ai vu sur ce site pour aider avec les barrières linguistiques qui peuvent exister:

Ma première langue est l'anglais, mais je ne me dérange pas d'avoir à utiliser un programme de traduction. Je voudrais également reconnaissants de prendre quelques minutes pour traduire les règles du groupe. Si vous avez des questions et c'est plus facile pour vous d'écrire dans votre langue maternelle, s'il vous plaît le faire! Je ferai de mon mieux pour s'assurer que nous pouvons à la fois comprendre. Je vous remercie! :)



Mi rendo conto che ci sono molte persone su questo sito che parlano altre lingue e non sono così familiarità con l'inglese. Così, nel tentativo di ridurre al minimo i problemi di comunicazione e di aiutare tutti coloro che possono essere lottando, sto traducendo questo paragrafo per le lingue più comuni che ho visto su questo sito per aiutare con le barriere linguistiche che possono esistere:

La mia prima lingua è l'inglese, ma non mi dispiace dover utilizzare un programma di traduzione. Vorrei anche apprezzare che dedicare qualche minuto a tradurre le regole del gruppo. In caso di domande ed è più facile per voi a scrivere nella vostra lingua madre, si prega di farlo! Farò del mio meglio per fare in modo che entrambi possiamo capire. Grazie! :)



Я понимаю, что есть много людей на этом сайте, которые говорят на других языках и не так хорошо знакомы с английским языком. Так, в попытке свести к минимуму проблемы коммуникации и помочь всем, кто не справляется, я перевожу этот пункт наиболее распространенных языков я видел на этом сайте, чтобы помочь с языковыми барьерами, которые могут существовать:

Мой первый язык английский, но я не возражаю против того, чтобы использовать программу перевода. Я также оцениваю вас принимая несколько минут, чтобы перевести правила группы. Если у вас есть вопросы, и это проще для вас, чтобы написать на вашем родном языке, пожалуйста, сделайте это! Я сделаю все возможное, чтобы убедиться, что мы оба можем понять. Спасибо! :)



Who's Magically Popped In? ^_^

Thanks for dropping in for a spell! ^_^
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* If you'd like to be affiliated with us (regardless of genre/purpose of your particular group), please feel free to do so, at any time! :heart: *


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Stella-Fraciss Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Student General Artist
I want to submit my fanfiction but there's no + sign!
pinknekophile Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2015  Professional General Artist
Because you're not a member of the group. You're only a watcher. You have to be a member to submit anything. Also, in the future, please make sure to note the group with any questions you have.
mystery-love-winx Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014
tHAnKS FoR leTTinG mE PaRtIcIpAtEe
Sokai-Sama Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You're welcome!
Natalia-Enchantix Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I just wanted to ask. Since I submitted the drawing to the wrong folder, have I been removed from the group? 

pinknekophile Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
Huh? I looked into our logs and you haven't been removed from the group. What made you think so? Also, please note the group next time regarding any membership questions.
Natalia-Enchantix Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student General Artist
I was just confused! As the rules say, if someone puts the deviantion in the wrong folder, they are removed.
So I just wanted to ask if I'm still in the group. 
I'm a confused person! It's just the way I am! :P
pinknekophile Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
Everyone's allowed a mistake and you have submitted properly in the past. We just don't like people who blatantly disregard our rules and clearly did not read a single word of our rules. We're very good at telling who made a simple mistake, and who genuinely just completely disregarded and disrespected us as a group. Those are the people who get removed.

 And you don't have to ask if you have been removed. You can see for yourself. When you go into any group, in the upper left corner (usually) it tells you if you're a member or not. If you've been seeing "member" and then suddenly it says "join", that means you're no longer a member. Just for future references :).
Sokai-Sama Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Uh...I don't believe so, no. At least, not to my current/personal knowledge, anyhow. My Co-Founders honestly are the ones who keep in charge of that, as they were the ones to implement the 'no read/submit correctly, then ban' action; however, I do double check things if/when they bring it to my attention that someone deserves one (a ban). And in that case, I believe they are usually also blocked from/by the group, which means they cannot even leave a comment such as you have. Soo..on that, alone, methinks it's safe to assume you're in the clear for now. :nod:

(Just, if you would, please, resubmit and submit anything of yours correctly from now on, or definitely at the very least send us a note so we can help you. :nod: )
Natalia-Enchantix Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2013  Student General Artist
Thank you so much! :)
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